Exam AI-100

Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Languages: English
Audiences: Cloud Solutions Architects, Azure AI designers and AI developers
Technology: Azure AI


Course AI-100T01-A
Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution

Introducing Azure Cognitive Services


– Overview of Azure Cognitive Services
– Creating a Cognitive Service on the Azure Portal
– Access and Test a Cognitive Service


Creating Bots

– Introducing the Bot Service
– Creating a Basic Chat Bot
– Testing with the Bot Emulator

Enhancing Bots with QnA Maker

– Introducing QnA Maker
– Implement a Knowledge Base with QnA Maker
– Integrate QnA with a Bot

Learn How to Create Language Understanding Functionality with LUIS

– Introducing Language Understanding
– Create a new LUIS Service
– Build Language Understanding with Intents and Utterances

Enhancing Your Bots with LUIS

– Overview of language understanding for AI applications
– Integrate LUIS and Bot to create an AI-based solution

Integrate Cognitive Services with Bots and Agents

– Understand Cognitive Services for Bot Interactions
– Perform Sentiment Analysis for your Bot with Text Analytics
– Detect Language in a Bot with the Language Cognitive Services
– Integrate Computer Vision with Bots